The Power of Big Data in the Hands of Small Businesses

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You have probably heard about “big data,” but may be uncertain about what the term really means. So to begin, what is big data? Big data refers to large, diverse datasets that may be structured or unstructured and that can be analyzed to reveal patterns and insights concerning complex topics, such as user behavior. For small business owners, big data …

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Using Data Analytics to Optimize Digital Marketing Performance

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Running a successful digital marketing campaign involves much more than designing ads and deploying them across social channels. To execute an effective campaign, we must first conduct research on who a business’s target audience is, which social channels provide the most effective means of reaching them, and how they prefer to interact with ads. Second, we must develop a research-based …

Track Your Marketing Better With These 10 Solutions [Bootstrap]

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I am often amazed when I begin working with a new client to find that they have no real means of measuring how successful their investments in marketing have been. Considering that, on average, companies spend over 10% of their budget on marketing, it would make basic business sense that a company has a firm understanding of how well its …