Setup Web Hosting With SiteGround


While there are many hosts to choose from on the web, few have shown the level of attention and care that SiteGround has. Most don’t realize it, but many of the hosting companies on the web are actually owned by the same company; get bad service with one and you’re likely to get bad service with another.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of  working with a number of hosts. Some of our experiences were bad, some were terrible and then there was SiteGround. In every way we could measure, they were the best. We were blown away by their lightning fast server speeds, rapid 24-hour tech support and incredible pricing.

If you chose to use SiteGround as your host, the following instructions will help you get setup. If you’d like to use another host, please contact a member of our support team to ensure your hosting arrangement is suitable for your new website.


  1. Click here to get access to SiteGround’s latest discounts.
  2. Click on Web Hosting.
  3. Select the appropriate plan:
    • The StartUp Plan is perfect for single websites that don’t have an online store. It is the least expensive option but does not come with automatic daily backups. This feature of the GrowBig plan (below) has saved many of our clients in instances where the site hasn’t been maintained and something goes wrong.
    • The GrowBig Plan is best for hosting multiple sites or in cases where a dedicated IP address is needed. This plan also includes daily automatic backups and storage of backups for 30 days. This can be a critical component of restoring a website that has been compromised or has suffered an error of some sort.
  4. Select your options on the checkout page:
    • Select your commitment term. Save the most with the 3-year selection.
    • Choose to keep HackAlert Monitoring for peace of mind, or deselect it to save money.
  5. Remember the password you set when going through the checkout process. It will not be sent to you.
  6. Upon completing the checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with your username.
  7. Provide your credentials to our team by submitting a support ticket with your new SiteGround username and the password that you set.

Important Notes Regarding Credit Card Payments

SiteGround allows recurring billing to be set up with Visa and Mastercard. These are the only options available on the checkout page. If you would prefer to pay with American Express, start a Live Chat with SiteGround support by clicking here. Provide your domain and let them know you want to pay with American Express and they will provide you with a link to a separate payment form. Keep in mind that you will need to manually renew your hosting subscription when renewal time comes.

In very rare cases, banks or card issuers decline transactions from SiteGround because their headquarters is in London. If you get a decline message at checkout, contact your bank and let them know you authorize the purchase and try again.

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