Social Media Management

Getting Your Target Audience Engaged with Your Brand

The Dilemma

You know that creating social media accounts and remaining active on them is important to your business, but are you able to take the time that’s needed to create and post content across platforms? Furthermore, do you have the time to monitor the impact of the content you’re posting? When is the best time to post, how frequently should you be posting, and what will attract the right audience?

Whether your business is small or large, we get it: keeping track of your social media and maintaining your presence may not be at the top of your priority list. Managing social media manually can be time-consuming, and if not done correctly, can have a negative impact on your brand. It’s important to post relevant content and remain engaged with followers via comments or messages. These types of interactions and posts are crucial for your company to build and maintain a brand online. 

Using our social media management tools, we help you schedule posts across a variety of platforms, build and maintain your brand, and gain insights on your audience, all while saving you time and giving your real-time results and analytics. With the insights we receive through these tools, we devise strategies that help your business leverage the power of today’s social landscape. We will provide you with transparent analytics reports from each of your social media accounts monthly. During our monthly strategy call, we will discuss results and propose a list of suggestions or strategies based on these results.

Content with Purpose:

Here at Xponent21, we are dedicated to helping you find the Social Media Management package that best fits the needs of your business. That’s why we offer a variety of packages that range from 1 social media network to 5 depending on what’s right for you. With networks including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, our social media management tools will save you the hassle of running accounts yourself. In each of our social media packages, you’ll find a variety of services including:

Account Setup & Initial Strategy Development

If you are new to the social media game, don’t worry! With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, knowing where to begin can be difficult. Before we get the ball rolling, we will help you decide which social platforms are worth investing in for your business and assist with the set up of these accounts. Once we establish the accounts on which you’re interested in having a presence, we will work with you and your team to develop a strategy that will meet the goals of your business through social media tactics. The initial strategy development will continue to be an ongoing process to ensure that your business remains up to date and relevant on its social media platforms.

Content Planning and Creation

Ready to run with social media accounts, but not sure where to start? Deciding what picture, what caption, and what content in general you should share can be difficult. It’s especially hard when you want every post to be unique and attention-grabbing, but this is key to a successful and engaging social media presence. We help to create attractive content for all of your social media posts using our content calendar to stimulate engagement with your followers and keep you on their radar.


Monthly Posts

We will create a strategy and set of goals for your business. From here, we will create a range of monthly posts that will best appeal to your target audience and engage your users via social media. The number of monthly posts is dependent on the social media package your business chooses.


Content Calendar

A content calendar is used to see the posts you have scheduled for the upcoming days, weeks, or months. It is a quick, easy-to-see overview that we create as a visual schedule for each of your social media posts on a variety of networks, saving you the time, money, and the hassle of coming up with new posts every single day.


Blog Posts

Based on the package that you choose for your business, we will write a certain number of blog posts per month. Coming up with relevant and interesting content to write about can be difficult, but if done well, it is beneficial for your followers. Those interested in your business are likely going to look at your blog. Using our tools, you can provide the topics and we can provide the content, or we can do it all!

Monthly Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns can allow you to see more responses towards your social media accounts and posts. We will create ad campaigns that will have the most impact on your business based on your business goals. Using our social media management tools, we gather important and insightful information that tells us the demographics of your target audience, down to their interests, likes, and engagement with similar brands. Utilizing this data, we formulate ad campaigns that will appeal to your target audience and maximize your ad spend.


Engaging with your followers means engaging with customers --- or potential customers. The best way to gain their trust and loyalty is through engagement on social media. Doing so gives your company more of a personality, fostering trust and increasing positive brand awareness. We will help to create social media contests on your networks each month to allow you to grow relationships with your followers, and hopefully turn them into loyal customers. After evaluating your target audience, your business, and your business goals, we will tailor a social media contest that will best appeal to and stimulate conversation with your audience. Not only is this contest beneficial for them with an incentive, but it will get them talking about your business, for instance, if they have to share your post to win or use a certain hashtag. Spread the word, but make it fun for everyone!

Customer Service

Managing social media is much more than just posting pretty pictures. Interacting online with your customers is crucial for your brand image! You’re only as good as your last tweet or post, and if that post is a negative comment from a customer, a response is necessary. You always want to receive positive comments, but you must also respond to the negative ones. Replying to an upset or unsatisfied customer can help to change their perception of your business and hopefully remedy the situation. It shows that your company will go above and beyond by taking the time to listen and respond to customers’ complaints. As an a la carte service, we can handle the customer service aspect for you and your business.

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