Xponent21 AI Policy

At Xponent21, we recognize the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing our capabilities in digital marketing, creative development, and a myriad of other services we offer. This policy outlines our approach to integrating AI into our operations, ensuring that its use aligns with our values of sustainability, community engagement, and ethical practice.

AI as a Complementary Tool
  • Belief in Human-Centric AI: We firmly believe that AI will not replace human jobs but will instead act as a powerful tool to augment our uniquely human expertise, strategic thinking, and creativity. AI is leveraged to enhance the efficiency and innovation of our work, complementing the skills and insights of our team.
  • Enhancing Human Potential: AI applications are used to free our team from repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on strategic, creative, and more impactful aspects of our work. We view AI as a partner that enhances human potential rather than a replacement for human intelligence and creativity.
Protection of Sensitive Information
  • Client Confidentiality: The protection of sensitive client information is paramount. We ensure that all AI tools used in our processes are vetted for their security measures and are compliant with data protection laws and regulations.
  • Ethical Data Use: We commit to using data responsibly and ethically, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of client information. AI tools will be used in a manner that upholds our high standards for privacy and security.
Transparency in AI Usage
  • Disclosure of AI Involvement: In our commitment to transparency and honesty, we will disclose the use of AI in our processes when asked by clients or stakeholders. This includes detailing how AI was utilized in specific projects or services.
  • Educating Clients and Team Members: We are dedicated to educating both our clients and our team about the capabilities and limitations of AI. This effort is to ensure a clear understanding of how AI contributes to our work and the value it adds.
Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Keeping Pace with AI Evolution: Recognizing the rapidly evolving nature of AI, we commit to staying informed about the latest developments in AI technology and its applications in our field.
  • Regular Policy Review: This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect new insights, changes in technology, and evolving best practices in AI utilization.
Legal Compliance and Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance: We commit to adhering to all relevant legal and regulatory requirements governing AI usage, including data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, and industry-specific regulations.
  • AI Governance Structure: Our leadership team, considering input from colleagues, clients, and the broader community, will be responsible for AI decision-making processes within the company, including oversight, ethical review, and compliance of their direct reports with the company AI policy.
Innovation and Collaboration
  • Promoting AI Innovation: Xponent21 is committed to understanding this technology and fostering innovation in AI that aligns with our mission of sustainability and positive community impact. Our CEO Will Melton founded AI Ready RVA to promote collaborations among local business leaders, startups, academic institutions, and research bodies working on innovative AI solutions that promote sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Collaboration on AI Ethics and Standards: We welcome continued collaboration with industry partners, regulatory bodies, and ethical standards organizations, as well as clients, employees, and the broader community, to contribute to the development of responsible AI practices and standards and to ensure that diverse perspectives are considered in ethical and operational decisions regarding AI.

Our approach to AI is anchored in the belief that it is a tool to enhance human capabilities, not to replace them. We are committed to using AI responsibly, maintaining the utmost confidentiality of client information, and being transparent about its use in our processes. This policy is a living document, reflecting our ongoing commitment to ethical, effective, and innovative uses of AI in our work at Xponent21.

Do you have feedback about our AI policy? Or maybe you are curious about collaboration opportunities? Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you.