To make the world a better place to work.

We’re a digital marketing agency so why is our mission to make the world a better place to work?

We believe that work should fit comfortably into the lives we create for ourselves.

We support our clients in introducing business solutions that streamline processes, reduce operating costs, and automate repetitive tasks so that human workers can focus on the work that matters most. These modern work solutions allow people to take back time in their day - time that can be reallocated, either toward other work or personal pursuits.

By implementing change in our own company and sharing the outcomes broadly, we hope to blaze a trail that encourages other businesses to take similar leaps.

Read about our efforts to make the world a better place to work on our blog.

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To create experiences that inspire others to be trailblazers and innovators.
To be a company that other businesses, community leaders, and talented people aspire to partner with to do great work.
To be a team that leads through education and continuous improvement.
To be a trusted source of financial and emotional value for client partners.


These values underlie our work experience at Xponent21, shaping everything from our day-to-day service delivery to our organizational purpose.

  • We are committed to investing in our community.
  • Branding and marketing is more about people and relationships than messaging and technology.
  • We strive to improve both personally and professionally.
  • Work should fit comfortably into the lives we create for ourselves.
  • We are committed to building a more sustainable future.
  • The experience provided to our clients is built on a foundation of effective communication and is the core of what we do.

A History of Xponent21:

  • November 2015Xponent21 was established by Will Melton New Haven, CT.
  • 2016Will focused on conversion optimization and experience design as a way to improve outcomes for Xponent21’s clients.
  • May 2017Xponent21 moved to Richmond, VA, and hired its first employee.
  • August 2017Xponent21 hired its second employee.
  • September 2017We rolled out Asana work management platform to improve collaboration, systematize processes, and drive efficiencies.
  • October 2018The team transitioned to a hybrid work model, with 4 days work from home and one day in-person per week.
  • November 2018We launched sales and marketing automation as a service offered to clients to improve their business operations and marketing outcomes.
  • January 2020We introduced the 4-day, 32-hour work week for all team members - and got 38% more work done in the first year!
  • 2020The team expanded by leaps and bounds, welcoming new talent to support our client partners in meeting heightened digital demands during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • January 2021We unveiled a fresh look for our brand that was developed collaboratively by the team.
  • July 2021We finally set in motion our own marketing plan (cobbler’s shoes).
  • March 2022We launched a multi-year partnership with the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Housing Families First (HFF) to help HFF reach their capital campaign goal and provide permanent housing for families in Greater Richmond.
  • October 2022We kicked off America’s Healthiest City, a 10-year community-wide initiative that aims to address the systemic issues of food equity and access to affordable housing, transportation, and healthcare for all RVA residents.
  • January 2023The idea for Richmond Water originated: a local water brand focused on driving sustainability through reducing single-use plastic water bottles, encouraging reliance on a local water source for reduced emissions, and promoting the installment and use of water refill stations throughout the region.
  • January 2023America's Healthiest City goes on air at ESPN Richmond with a weekly radio show centered around conversations with community changemakers.
  • August 2023Richmond Water is available for purchase in retail locations for the first time!
  • November 2023Xponent21 launched a sustainability initiative, recognizing the transformative power of eco-conscious practices in modern business. Empirical evidence from a range of sources (e.g., Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Forbes) underscores the many benefits – from enhancing lead conversion and customer loyalty, to driving innovation, financial growth, and employee satisfaction. In today's world, sustainability is a key to business success. This realization has prompted our strategic shift towards partnering with companies that share our vision for a sustainable future.
  • April 2024Richmond Water introduces our portable, touch-free, filtered water refill stations for events! Our first two refill stations will be installed at City Stadium to support sustainable hydration for Richmond Kickers and Ivy fans this season. We have more stations that are available for event rentals. Interested in sponsorship? Showcase your commitment to sustainability by partnering with us to bring a refill station to events in Richmond this year.
What happens next? We’re not stopping here. Our values keep us pushing forward and striving to improve ourselves, our company, our clients’ business outcomes, and our community.

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