I Want Mediocre Service…
Said No One Ever

More 5-Star Reviews Means More Business.

What your customers say publicly about your business directly impacts your ability to generate new leads.

By implementing a Reputation Management campaign through Xponent21, you gain insight into the minds of your customers. We design a personalized and automated email drip campaign that prompts your recent customers to rate their experience with your business.

When a recent customer provides a positive rating, they are encouraged to rate you publicly so others can see your stellar history of service. If a recent customer responds to the survey with neutral or negative feedback, you’ll now have that knowledge so you can resolve any issues before they leave a public review. Five-star service, here you come!

How We Help

Our Reputation Management Solution, RMS21, also connects you with your online listings across different rating platforms to monitor and analyze trends. You can select the platforms that are most relevant to your business. Ensure that your business is represented consistently and positively across all platforms with one streamlined process.

Take control of your online reviews with our reputation management solution.

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