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What It’s Like to Work With Us

At Xponent21, innovation comes naturally. We’re not afraid to try new things or explore new ideas about how work gets done. Our team is collectively responsible for establishing our organization’s culture as well as our strategic inspiration. We make decisions that improve the way that we work together and with our clients.

Alongside our delivery of service, members of our team work together to continuously improve our talent and our processes as well as your client experience and the outcomes your business receives. We’re not just in it for this project or out for the next one. We understand that our business and reputation can grow by acting in your best interests.

Through our partnership and aligned business objectives, we’ll establish a foundation of trust that helps foster creativity, innovation, and Xponential growth.

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Will Melton
President & CEO
Will brings his 16 years of business leadership in technology and marketing to help businesses across the world tap into their own lively culture, dedication to service and superior solutions to thrive in the digital space. Innovative strategies that improve customer experience while reducing costs and crafting masterpiece digital strategies are two of Will's biggest passions.
Courtney Turrin
Chief Work Officer
As the company’s number two employee, Courtney has helped guide the direction of our business, build a powerhouse team, and implement technology and workflows to improve service delivery and produce outsized results for our clients. Her current role sits at the intersection of analytics, work management, and operations. Drawing on her background in scientific research, Courtney designs efficient processes and supports our teams so they can better serve our clients. She holds masters degrees in Biology and Psychology/Neuroscience from the College of William and Mary and Yale University, respectively. Offline, Courtney is a plant whisperer, Peloton enthusiast, and proud pet mom.
Dennis Harding
Director of Operations
With over 16 years of corporate experience and training in enterprise technology, business intelligence solutions, and global team development, Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge of streamlining operations to increase productivity and efficiency. A goal-driven strategic planner, he leads our operations and project management efforts. When not working, you can find Dennis spending time with family and friends as well as rooting for his favorite Boston-based sports teams.
Olivia Deputy

Director of Marketing & Sales Automation

Olivia leads Xponent21’s content marketing initiatives. A stickler for grammar and proper syntax, she loves putting words together to tell a company’s story and communicate their value proposition in a way that appeals to their target audience. She believes that dogs are just little furry people, and in her spare time she helps find labrador retrievers homes through the Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond.
Chuck McCarthy
Client Services Team Lead
As our Client Services Team Lead, Chuck provides coaching, direction, and leadership to our account strategists and digital strategists, in addition to working directly with clients to deliver outsized results. When not at work, you can find him playing guitar in his rock band, watching sports, or enjoying a local craft brew.
Nikki Peters
Creative Director
Nikki brings 12 years in graphic design, marketing, and branding. She is passionate about aligning her creativity with client goals and providing consistent, clean visuals that stand out. Her method starts with careful listening, to learn and understand the client vision prior to artistic ideation. She connects art direction to target demographics and marketing strategy. Nikki is a bona-fide “cat person” with a Maine Coon that she and her husband have completely spoiled. In her free time she enjoys working on home improvement DIYs, gardening, and kayaking.
Danielle Morin
Account Strategist
With a Master’s Degree from Boston University and many years of hands-on experience, Danielle develops successful marketing strategies for clients across different industries. She values transparent and personalized relationships with each client to better understand their goals and improve brand awareness, user experience, customer retention, and overall revenue. Not only is Danielle a great digital marketing resource but she’s a friend clients can rely on. When she’s not busy researching the latest marketing trends, she’s in the kitchen whipping up something yummy — if you’re lucky, she’ll even share it with you.
Jillian Broadwell
Account Strategist
Jillian finds her rhythm where creativity and analytics collide. Experienced in digital marketing strategy and campaign management as well as strategic communication, she thrives bringing clients creative ideas and tracking their performance through data visualization techniques to help grow accounts. Jillian holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the College of William and Mary as well as an MBA from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, you can find her playing with her daughter and husband, planning or embarking on her next international adventure, or exploring the outdoors.
Miranda Nash
Digital Strategist
Miranda is an Digital Strategist at Xponent21. She is dedicated to fostering relationships centered around care, progressive achievement, and servant leadership. Miranda is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications at Liberty University. In her free time you will find Miranda with her dog, Zak, taking long walks around the lake.
Joao Bruch
Lead Designer/Developer
João is our esteemed performance website design specialist. He brings deep knowledge of visitor behavior and vast experience building user interfaces that are designed to deliver conversions. Fueled by data insights and tailored marketing strategies, Joao ensures that each website our team creates is aesthetically made to delight and technically designed to perform.
Lovin Nagi
Full Stack Developer
Nagi is a full stack developer with experience in Wordpress, Magento, Laravel, and several other languages. He has been helping clients build and upgrade their websites using the most modern technologies, ranging from small to large companies.
Jansen Butler
Full Stack Developer
As a full-stack web developer, Jansen has worked to update and improve the functionality and security of client web-based applications. She has designed and programmed various user portals and dashboards that help clients visualize and connect with their data. In her spare time, Jansen can be found backpacking the Appalachian Trail or roaming around Target.
Kelly Collins
Content Strategist
A recent graduate from Virginia Tech where she studied Marketing and Management, Kelly is equipped with a fresh perspective and is eager to help customers achieve and exceed their goals. With a focus on social media and content creation, she enjoys brainstorming unique ways to showcase ideas and thoughts customers may have for their business. When she’s not at work, you can find her at the beach or with friends and family!
Alison Smith
Content Specialist
Alison is a Digital Content Specialist with a knack for language. With a curious nature and passionate spirit, she takes complex information and makes it easier to understand. She gets joy from optimizing content and seeing it rise to the top of Google. Outside of work, you can find her taking photos of birds or hanging out with her husband and sweet chocolate lab.
Jamie Toraason

SCRUM Advisor

Jamie has been solving complex business problems for nearly two decades. After successfully managing large scale corporate change initiatives all over the world, she decided to redirect her focus and follow her passion for small business development. Jamie is a relationship builder and creative, and can typically be found in a vegetable garden alongside her US Navy husband and two small children.
Lindsay Bright
With nearly 10 years of experience in finance and accounting, Lindsay Bright brings an enthusiasm for numbers and bookkeeping to the team. She believes that accounting is the language of business, and strives to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and other stake holders understand their finances in order to make the best decisions for the health and growth of their business. When she is not crunching numbers and organizing data in spreadsheets Lindsay enjoys spending time with family, playing acoustic guitar, running, visiting local Richmond breweries, and watching a good sci-fi TV show or movie.


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In addition to our core team of marketing specialists, we have an extensive directory of highly skilled designers, animators, video production creatives, voice actors, coders, mobile app developers and other professionals spanning the creative spectrum. Each of our extended team members has been vetted and produces only the highest quality work.
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