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As a marketing and branding agency deeply committed to our community in Richmond, VA, we take immense pride in our role as advocates for positive change and progress. Through our internal projects, we actively engage with local initiatives, collaborating with like-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations to make a lasting impact for Richmond.

Here, we highlight some of the meaningful projects we are driving forward, combining our branding expertise with community engagement. Together, let's explore the initiatives that are shaping a brighter future for Richmond and beyond.

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America’s Healthiest City

According to U.S. News, Richmond, VA, is currently scoring 41/100 based on a variety of health measures. Scores are particularly low in the areas of Equity (7/100), which is a measure of income, education, health, and social equality, and Housing (39/100), which considers availability, affordability, and quality of homes.

America’s Healthiest City is a collaborative community initiative focused on restoring the health of Richmond and elevating our community to the healthiest in the nation by 2033. The website was built to provide a hub for connecting great ideas with organizations and individuals with the resources and passion to bring those ideas to life.

Through America’s Healthiest City, we are seeking support from individuals, businesses, organizations, and visitors to solve the systemic issues of food equity and access to affordable housing, transportation, and healthcare for all RVA residents. Visit the site to read our open letter to RVA leaders, browse ideas, and join us in the effort to make Richmond, VA, the healthiest city in America by 2033 through collective community action.

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Richmond Water is a truly sustainable water brand that sources local water and local art in a movement to change how people hydrate. Filled with water from a local artesian aquifer and bottled by Virginia Artesian Bottling Co. in Hanover County in a facility powered 100% by solar energy, our cans are collectible, refillable, recyclable at the end of their life - and seriously sustainable. 

The brand was designed by Xponent21 Creative Director Nikki Peters and incorporates a font from well-known local creative and Skull-A-Day creator Noah Scalin. Each limited-edition can design features art from a different local artist, with $.50 from each can sale donated to a nonprofit that rotates with the art featured on the can. The first edition can design features artwork by esteemed local muralist Hamilton Glass and benefits his nonprofit organization, Mending Walls.

Customers who buy online from DrinkRichmondWater.com get to vote on future artists and nonprofit beneficiaries in the Richmond community. Visit the site today to join the mission to make water local again.

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Go Nutz for Housing

Go Nutz for Housing is a campaign and fundraising partnership between Xponent21, Housing Families First, and The Richmond Flying Squirrels

The partnership began in 2022, and we've knocked our giving goal out of the park! Together, we've raised over $13,500 for Housing Families First, the largest shelter for families with children in the region.

Xponent21’s donations throughout the Flying Squirrels season, along with community contributions, help provide a path for families to find a permanent home in the Richmond area.

$5000 Fundraising Goal Reached for Housing Families First
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Our clients are our partners. Together we’ll spark something amazing.

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