Cold Calling Is Dead

Professional services firms that prioritize integrating sales and marketing enjoy accelerated growth relative to peers that don’t.
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Most B2B buyers already have their mind made up before they even reach out to a sales rep. It’s an organization’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient in-market messaging to influence customers before they reach the key consideration phase.

The Buyer’s Journey


The buyer’s journey starts when a prospect starts to identify a problem or opportunity. At this point, they are aware of the problem but may be unaware of your brand entirely.


The next step is clearly defining the said problem or opportunity and doing research to find the best solution. Engagement during this key phase is crucial. If they don’t know your brand by now, you probably won’t make it to the next stage: the Decision phase.


The prospect will narrow down the list of potential products, vendors, or services to decide on the best solution for their business.
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Why Touchpoints Matter

Depending on your product or service, it could be months or even years after a prospect is introduced to your brand before they make a purchase decision. The touchpoints that occur in between are essential because they:
Maintain buyer awareness of your brand
Provide influential education to the buyer
Work to secure a relationship that outlasts what would otherwise be possible
Not capitalizing on these key touchpoints can result in missed or lost opportunities and wasted marketing dollars.
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