Everybody Wants to Be Number One

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It looks good to show up on top, but the data proves that it also pays to be number one. With 67.6% of search engine clicks going to the top five organic results on a page, it makes sense to have a strategy to get your website into the first position.
Everyone uses search engines to find answers, free tools, products, and solution providers.

If your website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google when a prospect asks questions about or searches for a service provider in your industry, then you’re missing out on a heap of ripe business opportunities.
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The More You Show Up, the Less Your Competitors Do

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Xponent21 works with our clients to develop strategies for optimizing the placement of their business in search results. We are dedicated to staying on top of changes in the way search engines index and rank websites to ensure that we’re always on top of keeping our clients on top.
Our clients win because we get to know the people behind the companies we work with, what motivates them, and what their business goals are. We take the time to educate our clients on the “why” behind the strategies we present so they can understand the true impact that their decision will have on their business. We provide unmatched support to our clients to ensure that deadlines are met and that answers are available when questions arise. Does this sound like a partner you’d like to have?
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On-Site SEO

Xponent21 ensures that every page of your website includes the details necessary for search engines to read and rank its contents.

We optimize each page’s metadata and content to include the keywords for which you want to rank on the SERP. We implement best practices for clean code, content structure, and page load speeds. We optimize multimedia content by utilizing alt tags and reducing file sizes. We monitor and optimize page speed and crawlability. We monitor your visibility by tracking your website’s placement in search results over time. We respond effectively to a drop in rankings and drive strategy to capitalize on new keyword opportunities.
of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Local SEO

Businesses who serve a local clientele must also have a presence in online directories and maps to consistently rank when users search for a solution locally.

We utilize a variety of local SEO methods to improve your placement in local search results, including writing geographically-optimized content and metadata for your website, creating and maintaining listings in online business directories, link building, generating more local rankings and reviews, and optimizing your online business listings and social media profiles.
of local customers use search engines and directories as their main way to find local business.

SEO Remediation

If your website has suffered a catastrophic event, it’s likely that you’ve lost traction in your SEO efforts. Launching a new website without taking the right precautions, a website getting infected with malware, or a website going offline because a hosting bill wasn’t paid are all recipes for costly SEO mistakes. When it happens to you, we’re here to respond.

We help with a variety of remediation strategies from spammy backlink removal and link redirect issues to domain name changes and advanced website technical failures. Have your search engine rankings taken a hit? There’s a reason and a resolution. Let us help you.
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