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Understanding Optimal Campaign Efficiency


A relatively small government technology services provider was looking to increase its visibility with buyers and influencers within the federal government. Though contract season runs from late summer through the beginning of fall, we conducted a longterm marketing effort beginning in March to reach more purchasing agents and internal technology professionals while maintaining a brand presence over a long period of time.


Xponent21 was contracted to design and deploy an integrated digital marketing campaign. After completing a deep discovery and conducting research on the target audience, Xponent21 designed a cross-platform digital advertising campaign. The following is an overview of the tools and tactics used.



Google Adwords search advertising campaign bidding on technology-related searches, micro-targeted to radii around various government offices and military installations worldwide.


Text-based LinkedIn ad campaign micro-targeted to purchasers and influencers in various agencies within the federal government.


Google Adwords dynamic display ad campaign through an industry-related media company with various websites centered on government purchasing.

Retargeting/ Remarketing

Google Adwords dynamic retargeting ad campaign promoted to visitors with high engagement in the website’s content.

Because we did not expect many conversions with this campaign until late in the summer and because prospects would not be contacting the client for service directly, we were forced to identify KPIs that were not necessarily conversion-focused. We defined three main actions that would identify an engaged visitor, and we gave the client’s sales team access to a wealth of data around the site’s visitors. This enabled their team to hone in on and cultivate lead opportunities when they were at their highest level of engagement.

Xponent21 provides ongoing campaign optimization services that include weekly A/B tests and incremental improvements across all levels of their digital marketing efforts in an attempt to further improve the engagement and to grow a healthy, qualified audience for retargeting.


The campaign and the data that we made available to the client’s internal team has led to the closing of significant new business. Since launching the campaign in early March, new client opportunities derived from our efforts have generated an ROI of 1007.68%, representing an increase of 35.69% over the previous year.

Scope of Work

Digital Marketing Build Adwords campaign. Manage Adwords, Linkedin ads, develop ongoing strategy
Google Adwords Drive focused traffic to site, build brand awareness
LinkedIn Ads Drive focused traffic to site, build brand awareness

ROI Generated

Buying Cycle (Aug 1 - Thru Oct 31, 2017) Increase of 45.5% over previous period 556.53%
12-Month Cycle (Nov 1, 2016 - Oct 31, 2017) Increase of 35.69% over previous year 1007.68%
New data insights allowed the client’s sales team to capitalize on a number of opportunities they were pursuing by being able to contact engaged buyers on the exact day they were showing interest. Furthermore, we’ve been able to grow their remarketing audience at an exponential rate since the outset of the campaign.
The client reported additional intangible effects of the campaign, including:

Further establishing brand awareness and their “expert” status within their field

Increasing the amount of new business directed towards the client because the customers “found them on the web”

Winning more deals through brand name justification.

Through incremental changes to the website and the campaign, we’ve also affected continuous improvements in the volume of qualified traffic, the rate at which visitors engaged and the number of visitors who conducted one of the identified key actions.


The 2017 marketing effort produced a return well above the break-even goal identified by the client. A well-orchestrated digital marketing campaign begins with a basic idea of what could work but does not conclude even when it begins to produce the desired results. The insights we are able to glean by conducting continuous tests allow us to deploy the best variables on a regular basis. These incremental changes to a campaign truly do lead to sustainable exponential growth. Our commitment to our clients is that good enough isn’t good enough and we can always deliver continuously improved results through data-driven insights.
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