Case Study

Case Study

Cedarwood Dentistry

The Results.


Increase in new patients.


Increase in organic traffic.


Conversion Rate.
(19% above industry average)

Getting to the root of digital marketing.

Cedarwood Dentistry, located in Richmond, VA, offers personalized dental care for cosmetics, cleanings, emergencies, and more. Their team is built on the belief that you’re more than just a number. With Xponent21 sharing that same belief, we knew from the start this would be a thriving partnership.

We were first approached with the important task of rebranding Cedarwood’s business and overhauling their website due to new ownership. We started with a modern redesign of their website and logo to better correspond with their idea of putting down roots for a lifetime of dental care. In addition to these improved aesthetics, X21 also assisted with showcasing their amazing employees, making payments available online, and developing an online new patient intake process. With the foundation now set for success, we were able to enhance their digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

In order to increase the flow of new patients, while still maintaining a close relationship with their current ones, our strategists developed a tailored marketing plan specific to Cedarwood’s pain points and budget. First, we launched a Google Search campaign to reach lower funnel leads actively searching for a dentist in their area. It was especially important for us to capture those who had recently moved or had an unsatisfactory experience with their previous dentist. Second, we launched a brand awareness campaign on Spotify, the music streaming platform. According to Spotify’s data, they have 170 million active users and of that, 90 million are listening through Spotify’s ad-supporter free tier. This gave us a huge opportunity to increase Cedarwood’s exposure to engaged listeners in between songs!

Lastly, we rounded out their digital marketing strategy with search engine optimization improvements so both new and current patients could have a better website experience. This included, but was not limited to, keyword optimized blog content, metadata restructuring, crosslinking among pages, and website audits to ensure no links or pages were broken.


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