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We use science and technology to automate marketing communications and sales activities to help you close more deals and grow your per client revenue.
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Clearing Your Pathway to Success

Xponent21 works with B2B, B2G, B2C, and nonprofit clients to fully understand the motivations of your prospects and customers, the lifecycle of your business, and the existing touchpoints you have with your customers.

Using a data-driven approach, we map out touchpoints that are designed to drive predictability and maximize the revenue you generate from prospects and existing customers.

Over time and using this strategic method, we identify what works and optimize your customer experience to drive continuous improvements.

Pathway Builder CXTM

We help clients plan customer experiences that span from a single interaction to the entire lifecycle of a customer. Depending on the complexity of your product or solution, it could take years to fully map out and optimize your customer experience. We work with you every step of the way, from planning to full-blown sales and marketing automation.

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Our Sales & Marketing Automation Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is email marketing still effective?
Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for reaching customers, and providing a consistent, targeted consumer experience. Segmenting your customers and prospects for email marketing campaigns is key because it allows you to target specific demographics with content that’s relevant to them. And automation makes the whole process more efficient by reducing potential human error and freeing
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How is a marketing automation platform different from a CRM?
Marketing automation platforms are systems that help companies automate their marketing processes and optimize their marketing funnel. Marketing automation platforms typically offer features like email marketing, lead scoring and routing, lead nurturing, website tracking, and social media monitoring and engagement.  A CRM, on the other hand, is focused on managing and nurturing customer relationships. It typically includes features like contact
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What is sales automation?
Sales automation refers to the use of technology to improve or streamline sales processes. This can include things like using software to track leads and opportunities, sending automated follow-up emails, setting up rules-based workflows to help manage the sales process, or managing customer relationships. Sales automation can be a huge time-saver for sales teams, and can help them become more
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What is marketing automation?
Marketing automation is the application of technology that allows companies to automate certain marketing tasks, reducing operational overhead and improving marketing outcomes. Common activities that can be automated include customer segmentation, email marketing, social media campaigns, targeted advertising, campaign optimization, and repeated actions or communications.  In order to achieve success with marketing automation, it’s critical to understand your target audiences,
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Every Pathway Is Cleared with a Single Step

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