Reimagining how Customers Interact with Your Brand

The Conundrum

How does your customer want to interact with you? What gives them the most convenience? Might some customers prefer one thing while others might prefer something different? Changing the way you do things is sure to inconvenience someone, right?

Change can be scary, but it should be exciting. Studying the preferences of your customer, constantly innovating how you interact with them, and occasionally disrupting how an entire industry serves it's clientele is necessary in order to cultivate and endure long-lasting relationships. We believe that if we focus on improving the experience your customers have with your brand, you'll increase per-customer revenue, increase the frequency of transactions by existing customers and attract new customers through word-of-mouth and peer reviews. Leveraging technology and strategic decision-making, these innovations will also save your company money.

Designed Experiences:

Customer experiences span every single interaction each customer has with your brand. We work with brands to improve customer experiences across the spectrum of interactions. Here are some of the experiences we design:

Companies typically spend $92 attracting visitors, but only $1 trying to convert them.
Eisenberg Holdings

Performance Designed Websites

With the goal of solving your customer's problem and reducing friction in the conversion process, our websites comfort, inform and guide visitors toward a successful transaction. Using our proprietary Pathway BuilderTM planning tool, we craft the content and design of your new website to align with the story of your visitors and focus them on a path that's defined by your business goals.

Xponent21 designs custom performance websites to attract, delight, convert and close members of your target audience. We don’t rely on a cookie-cutter design approach because every business is different. We work with each client to understand the unique challenges of their business and to create a website that provides custom solutions that drive results. Guaranteed.

Full-Scale eCommerce Stores
Ad-Supported Publisher Sites
Ad Sales & Reporting
Events & Ticket Sales
Filterable Directories

Integrated Mini-Sites
Interactive Maps
Landing Pages
MLS/IDX Search

Subscription/Paywall Portals
P2P Fundraising Tools
Custom Developed Solutions


Mobile & Voice

As we move into an increasingly mobile world, even the definition of mobile is evolving. Increasingly consumers are feeding information to and seeking information from smart speakers equipped with home assistants. While virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality are still a ways away from maturity, these concepts will become more important to businesses as the mobile and voice world look for ways to make that information visible to users on the go. We work with companies seeking to allow their customers the ability to enjoy dramatically improved brand experiences through the use of these interfaces.

Mobile App Development
Alexa Skills Development
Google Actions Development
Cortana Skills Development
Voice Search Optimization

of respondents said they preferred self-service over speaking to a company representative.
Nuance Enterprise

Self-Service Process

Giving customers the ability to manage their interactions with your brand on their time and in a way that is most convenient for them improves experiences and it trims fat from your company's bottom line.

Xponent21 designs and deploys custom, integrated solutions that allows your customers the freedom to conduct transactions and interact with their account on your website without having to call within business hours, wait on hold or even talk with a person.

Appointment Scheduling
Subscription Management
Content On-Demand
Update Profile
Request Service

Submit Documents
Assessments & Calculators


Customer Experience

The experience your customers have with your brand will define how they view you, how often they conduct transactions, how much they spend and how many people they refer to your business.

We work with brands to assess their customer experience and design more impactful moments that are engineered to elicit relief, delight, trust, security and confidence. We use a combination of thoughtful strategy and modern technology that allows businesses to introduce minor tweaks or conduct a total transformation of the customer experience.

Telephone Reception
In-Person Reception
Queuing Experience
Kiosk & Self-Service
Service Communications
Quoting & Sales Process
Event Timing
Product Awareness & Education