Senior Account Strategist:
Allison Donnelly


EPD University

Transforming EPD University’s Visibility and Revenue through Strategic Digital Marketing


Our partnership with EPD began in 2018, establishing a foundation for collaborative success. Manny Hondroulis, Vice President at Energy Products Distribution (EPD), outlined his business goals, and we developed and deployed a multichannel marketing plan to achieve them.

The need:

EPD aimed to increase awareness of EPD University, their window film installation training program, and address the industry’s growing demand for skilled installers. The labor shortage in the industry prompted the need for strategic marketing to attract, train, and place individuals interested in becoming installers.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Social Media


The Results


Reduced support phone calls and emails to program administrators through enhanced online self-service capabilities.
Increased user confidence in class registration due to comprehensive online class information.


Through implementing campaign optimizations in Google Ads, we improved the campaign conversion rate by 60% from 2022 to 2023.
Training inquiries saw a 40% increase.
We increased organic traffic to the pages by 266% in a six-month period.
Percent of Training Traffic from Organic Search

Financial Impact:

EPD University revenue increased by 108% in 2023 compared to 2022.

"Thanks to Xponent21, EPD University has seen a surge in attendance and trainee retention. It is due to a variety of digital components that comprise a well-planned and executed strategy."

- Manny Hondroulis, Vice President at Energy Products Distribution


Closing Reflections

EPD continues to maintain relationships with former trainees by providing valuable resources and consistent communication. This program also deepens relationships with dealers in EPD’s network by providing a solution to a major industry need. Their EPD University course trains installers and EPD’s Career Connect program supports graduates in finding job opportunities with prospective employers.

In summary, our strategic digital marketing efforts not only addressed EPD’s immediate needs but also positioned EPD University as a leading training provider and valuable partner to dealers.

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