Energy Products Distribution

Project Manager:
Courtney Turrin

Client Location:
Baltimore, MD

Client Website Link:

Energy Products Distribution

Client Industry:
Window Film Dealer

Portfolio Item Type:

Website Features:
Filterable Directory
Chat bot

Project Overview & Objectives:

Energy Products Distribution is a Master Distributor of 3M Architectural and Automotive Films for the eastern United States. Their website needed to effectively serve the needs of a variety of stakeholders, including window film dealers, prospective partners, and various personas who represent end users of the different product lines. Overall, the site needed to serve as an informational resource and connecting hub for the 3M window film industry in the U.S.

Our Approach:

One of the core challenges was clearly distinguishing the different product lines, from sun control and security film for buildings and homes, to decorative finishes for interior glass, to automotive window tint and paint protection film for vehicles. We used subtle design and color changes to help visually differentiate among these product lines throughout the site.

Given the abundance of information, resources, and tools that the site provides, we also recognized the need for a very intuitive menu experience. We tested several navigation options to determine how best to help users find the specific information they were looking for on the site.

The site also involved significant customization and advanced functionality, including an ecommerce store for sample orders, a searchable and filterable directory to support end users in finding a local installer, a gated membership portal for partners, an events calendar for industry training opportunities, and a chatbot to help users find information quickly on the site.


The resulting website has elevated EPD’s digital presence, both in perception as well as in function. In the year after launch, compared to the previous period:

  • Organic search volume increased by over 100%
  • Page views are up over 210%
  • Average time on page increased by over 160%
  • Anecdotally, the client has received positive feedback about the new site from both The 3M Company as well as their dealer partners.
The site is an ever-evolving entity, as we continue to incorporate new elements and functionality into the site to support the client’s business goals and better serve their stakeholders.

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