Generating Authentic Engagement

How to Design Marketing Touchpoints & Close Deals in an Increasingly Remote & Digital World


February 10, 2022

For businesses and organizations hoping to drive growth in 2022, the need for authentic engagement with all stakeholders, from clients and prospects to employees and partners, is critical - but tougher to achieve than ever before.

  • How do I maintain meaningful facetime with stakeholders, partners, and employees in the age of remote work?
  • How do I break through the digital noise to meaningfully connect with clients and prospective customers online?
  • What tools will help make it easier to be successful with my marketing in 2022?
  • From format to messaging, what content should I create to engage and inspire my audience?

If you’re pondering questions like these, we have some great news. Or rather, answers!


Will Melton
President & CEO
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The 2022 Playbook for Generating Authentic Engagement: How to Design Marketing Touchpoints & Close Deals in an Increasingly Remote & Digital World

Xponent21 President and CEO, Will Melton, delivers a timely webinar covering 3 key ideas for fostering authentic engagement to supercharge growth. For each idea, he takes you through:

  • The foundational strategy,
  • Why it works in 2022,
  • The tools you can use to seamlessly introduce it to your business, and
  • What outcomes you can expect from implementing it.

Generating Authentic Engagement - Presentation Highlights

Why We Need to Get Closer to People to Be Successful in Business - Download the Infographic!

Why Stories are so Effective at Engaging People’s Attention

Why Intelligence (Data!) is Essential in Marketing

Our Mantra for 2022

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