Project Manager:
Courtney Turrin

Client Location:
New York, NY

Client Website Link:


Client Industry:
Window Film Dealer

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Project Overview & Objectives:

As a company and a brand, Layr is focused on bringing youth and energy to the window film industry. They aim to be customer-centric and modern in everything from branding to market strategy to how they interact with customers to how they run the business. Their presence in the heart of New York City is a core element of the brand that’s essential to their narrative.

When they came to us, they felt that their website looked and felt inauthentic – the design lacked luster, energy and a modern touch, and the imagery didn’t clearly depict NYC.

Our Approach:

We replaced Layr’s Wix website with a performance designed WordPress site, featuring captivating use of color and movement in transitions, animations, and hover effects.

We created a one-of-a-kind animated and branded video featuring city scenes to serve as the background of the homepage hero. The video engages visitors from the jump, conveys a sense of energy and excitement, and shows where and how the window film product offering can be installed.

Custom post types for FAQs, team member bios, testimonials, and photo galleries were configured to facilitate regular content updates without any further development lift – and also contribute to the overall SEO strategy of the site.


The Layr team is ecstatic about their new and much improved website!

  • Big, bold fonts and colors and city imagery convey the brand personality as a leading window film dealer and installer based in the Big Apple.
  • Movement and animations match the youth and energy that company brings to the industry.
  • The design communicates the modern brand and the website features customer-centric touches, like a chatbot and dynamically displayed FAQs and articles to help customers browsing the site.

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Xponent 21 led a comprehensive rebuild of my business' website (layr). Highly recommend, the team was smart, responsive, knowledgeable and organized in the process. Can't say enough about Will and Courtney - we have a mix of B2B and B2C content and they captured it all. Well done guys!
William Pulman
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