WAO Garage

Project Manager:
Courtney Turrin

Client Location:
Moyock, NC

Client Website Link:

WAO Garage

Client Industry:
Window Film Dealer

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Project Overview & Objectives:

The WAO Garage team specialized in automotive films and a variety of aftermarket auto services. When they decided to expand their product and service offering to include architectural window films for residential homes and commercial buildings, they knew their website would need an update so they reached out to us.

The site would not only need to be expanded to cover the new services, but would also require strategic restructuring and redesign to support their success in this new market, attracting and converting new types of customers.

Our Approach:

WAO Garage already had a fun, light-hearted brand, and we wanted to maintain that with the new website, while evolving the content, design, user experience, and functionality of the site to compete in the architectural window film market. We would also upgrade their digital shop, making it fully functional to allow for online sales.

Our scope of work included digital strategy, content strategy, content writing for new services pages, user experience and web design, web development, and search engine optimization.


The client was thrilled with the elevated look and ease of use, both front and back end, of their new website. Making changes and additions to the site and online shop would be simple for their team to manage moving forward, and the website has expanded their brand presence from the automotive industry to the residential and commercial window film industries as well. They were so delighted with their experience that they decided to work with the Xponent21 team to market their other business, Factory Direct Oil.


Digital Strategy
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Xponent21 has been great to work with. I have used other companies in the past and feel like I had always gotten taken advantage of. Xponent21 is a top shelf company and has exceeded my expectations. Every team member has done what they said they would do. Thanks for helping us at WAOGarage.com and factorydirectoil.com. The WAO site was designed by XPonent21 if you want to see their work. Thanks Xponent21!
Randy Finck
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