Well-Trained Mind Academy

Project Manager:
Courtney Turrin

Client Location:
Charles City, VA

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Well-Trained Mind Academy

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Website Features:

What other features were included?:
Digital Course Catalog with Filters & Search Feature, ZenDesk Guide Integration for Help Center Functionality

Project Overview & Objectives:

The client’s primary goals for the new website for Well-Trained Mind Academy were to provide a better visitor experience and to alleviate the demand on team resources that managing the old site required. They weren’t seeing the enrollment rates that they expected and the WTMA team was investing a lot of time in helping visitors navigate the site.

In approaching the project, it was also important to consider the experiences and likely goals of all stakeholders navigating the website. The new site needed to serve a variety of end users, including prospective students and parents, existing students and parents, instructors, and administrative staff.

Our Approach:

In order to make the site more functional as a tool to browse course offerings, we implemented WooCommerce to build a filterable, searchable digital Course Catalog. Users now have the ability to filter course offerings by subject, grade level, and course type. They can build a wishlist of courses as they browse and can use the registration link displayed on each course to navigate directly to the integrated enrollment and digital learning platform.

To improve visitor experience, reduce the volume of questions coming into the WTMA team, and alleviate the workload in responding to these inquiries, we created a Help Center on the website by integrating with ZenDesk. The Help Center included a frequently asked questions, which help students and parents find answers before they have to contact WTMA directly for assistance. We also added a new site-wide search feature to the site to further support users in locating digital resources on the site.

Finally, to streamline visitors’ experience, keep them on the main website, and elevate the professionalism of the brand’s digital footprint, we replaced links to external Google forms and documents with embedded forms and content hosted directly on the site.


After launching the new site, the client reported growth in course enrollment numbers and a reduction in the administrative burden of responding to support requests and questions. The new site is serving WTMA's various end users well!

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"I am so grateful for your work. The new website came at the perfect time!"
Julia Kaziewicz Collier
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