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Our Team

At Xponent21, we aim to holistically understand all aspects of your business, from the unique challenges you face to your long and short term goals. It’s through this alignment of objectives and foundation of trust that we maintain a balance of keeping you in the loop and letting you focus on other facets of your business. You’re the expert in your industry, and we’re the experts in ours --- digital + business solutions.

Will Melton


Will is the president and chief digital strategist at Xponent21. With over a decade of experience creating and nurturing new businesses, Will has spent the last five years devoted to improving the marketing outcomes for businesses large and small. He oversees all client strategy and project management.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Web Development

Courtney Turrin

VP Data Science

With 10 years of experience training and working in research and data science, Courtney uses her skills to produce outsized results for our clients. She is passionate about consistently measuring results to inform data-driven marketing initiatives. When she’s not analyzing data, she can be found making wine.

  • Data-Driven Strategy
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Visualization & Communication
  • Experimental Design / Hypothesis Testing

Olivia Deputy

Director of Content Marketing

Olivia leads Xponent21’s content marketing initiatives. A stickler for grammar and proper syntax, she loves putting words together to tell a company’s story and communicate their value proposition in a way that appeals to their target audience. She believes that dogs are just little furry people, and in her spare time she helps find labrador retrievers homes through the Lab Rescue of Greater Richmond.

  • Content Creation & Content Marketing
  • AdWords Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Account Management

Joao Bruch


Joao is our esteemed performance website design specialist. He brings deep knowledge of visitor behavior and vast experience building user interfaces that are designed to deliver conversions. Fueled by data insights and tailored marketing strategies, Joao ensures that each website our team creates is aesthetically made to delight and technically designed to perform.

  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Experience Design

Our Extended Team

In addition to our core team of marketing specialists, we have an extensive directory of highly skilled designers, animators, video production creatives, voice actors, coders, mobile app developers and other professionals spanning the creative spectrum. Each of our extended team members has been vetted and produces only the highest quality work.