Thanks for your interest in our unconventional approach to business. Scroll down to view details and links to the projects outlined in our flyer. Click to read the study referenced on the page, The 2024 Business of Sustainability Index from PDI Technologies.
Branding & Marketing Solutions
Xponent21 is an innovative marketing agency that pushes the boundaries of what you would expect a marketing agency to do. Practicing courageous creativity makes us better marketers for our clients and it makes the work more fun. Work with us on your next branding, website, video, customer experience project, or integrated marketing campaign.
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Local Sustainable Water
Richmond Water is a local sustainable bottled water brand that sells local artesian water in a collectible, durable, refillable, and recyclable can. Cans are adorned with rotating art from local artists and $.50 from every can produced is donated to rotating local non-profits. Customers vote on artists and non-profits through our online ordering system. Our mission is to encourage refilling and reduce the consumption of water in single-use plastic bottles. We will provide free refilling at events and will install free refill stations throughout the region.
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America's Healthiest City
America's Healthiest City is a 10-year initiative and community partnership to make the Richmond Region the healthiest in America by 2033. We are activating community Ambassadors, connecting the dots needed to succeed, and spearheading a communications platform to share stories, track progress, and encourage participation.
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Go Nutz for Housing Partnership

Xponent21 is proud to team up with The Richmond Flying Squirrels. With every Xtra Base Hit of the 2024 Season, we will donate to Housing Families First, the largest shelter for families with children in the region.

By helping families find permanent housing, Housing Families First addresses homelessness in the Richmond region with more than a stopgap measure. In an effort to support their critical work in the community, Xponent21 kicked off a partnership with Housing Families First and Richmond Flying Squirrels in 2022!

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