Composing a Data-Driven Blueprint for Your Future

The Challenge

When it comes to your company’s digital strategy, are you at a loss for where to begin? Are you stumped on how to most effectively allocate your digital marketing budget? Is your digital advertising ROI falling short of your goals?

Every successful campaign starts with a strong digital strategy. When it comes to developing your master plan, it’s crucial to utilize information garnered from past data, a deep understanding of current consumer behavior, and insights into future trends in technology and your industry. With a strategic plan guiding you, you can make the right investments in your digital marketing at the right time to drive more conversions and multiply your ROI.

Formulating the Future:

Xponent21 works with our clients to formulate systematically developed digital strategies that help grow businesses by making smarter decisions about investments in marketing and technology. Our digital strategy consulting guides your decisions regarding:

Marketing is the key revenue growth driver for >30% of companies.

The CMO Survey

Resource Allocation

Deciding which digital avenues to invest in to get the highest ROI is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The best strategy for allocating your dollars to digital will depend upon your company, industry, target customers, competing businesses, and a variety of other influential factors.

In working with dozens of clients from a diverse array of industries to support every aspect of their digital presences, Xponent21 has gathered a wealth of data and experience that we are happy to share with our clients. If you’re wondering whether it’s more prudent to invest in a new performance website or a paid search campaign, whether it’s worth investing resources in developing a presence on social media, or the most time effective way to start an email marketing campaign, we can give you an idea of what ROI you can expect, the minimum recommended investment, and how long it will take to get results.


Website Content Planning

Even if you aren’t ready to invest in a brand new performance design website, your current website would likely benefit from a content overhaul. We help you tell your unique story to the visitors of your website through our proprietary process called the Pathway BuilderTM.

Starting with an in-depth interview about your company, we dive into every aspect of your business, from your sales process to your core company values. Next, we analyze the interview transcript to extract the golden nuggets about your business that set you apart from your competitors.

The final stage of the process is planning the content placement on each page of your website. Content placement is strategically engineered to encourage more users to take the intended action, whether it’s picking up the phone or submitting a form. The result? A website that speaks to your target audience in the same way that you engage with them in person --- truly a digital extension of your brand.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator.


Crafting the Customer Experience

Customers interact with your company in both the digital and the physical worlds, sometimes simultaneously. At Xponent21, we craft customer experiences that seamlessly transition from one to the other. A customer should feel the same way when they visit your website as when they visit your storefront or use your product.

Similarly, they should also be able to access the same information and perform the same tasks, whether they are interacting with your brand digitally or at your physical location. This includes scheduling appointments, viewing products, chatting with a customer service representative, and more.

By making your customers’ experience with your business simplified and effortless, you reduce the friction typically encountered during the sales and customer service processes, which in turn reduces your operational costs and delights your customers.

Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual growth rate. Those with poor alignment have a 4% revenue decline.

Aberdeen Group

Marketing and Sales Integration

When the efforts of different individuals or teams within a company are siloed, the organization may suffer from a lack of cohesive forward momentum. One example of this challenge that we often see is a disconnect between a company’s sales team and the leads that its marketing initiatives are generating.

We help company leaders connect their sales and marketing by clearly defining and communicating business goals to ensure that all parts of the business are working together towards a common result rather than struggling toward disparate aims.

We work with your teams to identify what constitutes a high-quality lead, the channels and types of leads that come in, who is responsible for following up on leads, and when a potential customer is transitioned from the marketing team to the sales team. By aligning your marketing and sales initiatives from the moment a prospect sees your ad to when they convert into a customer, you ensure that all touch points along this pathway can be optimized and that no leads fall through the cracks.