Potential customers visit your site seeking quick answers to their questions before taking the next step in the buyer’s journey of calling you or filling out a form. When the answers to their questions aren’t immediately available, they’re likely to abandon your site in search of an answer elsewhere. Stop missing out on these leads and capture valuable information about your website visitors through our Live Chat lead generation tool.

On average our customers see a 40% increase in leads after implementing Live Chat.

When visitors navigate to your site our Live Chat presents them with a non-intrusive chat window connected to an industry-trained chat agent who will answer their questions, 24/7. We instruct the operator on how to answer general questions about your business. More detailed questions are passed along to one of your experts. The Live Chat operator’s goal is to extract information from chat participants, such as contact information and the service they’re interested in, turning website visitors into hot leads.


Improve customer experience by providing real life contact with your representative whenever they need it

Increase number of leads from your website by extracting contact information from chat participants

Decrease bounce rate by offering immediate assistance for people who are looking for quick answers

Only pay for qualified leads

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