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At Xponent21, we understand intimately how businesses that prioritize sustainability are more likely to appeal to customers who value environmental responsibility.

As public demand for sustainable products and companies that pursue sustainable practices continues to rise, our agency can help your business establish its commitment to sustainability and better engage these eco-conscious customers.

How We Help

We offer a range of specialized services to help your business tell its sustainability story, including brand storytelling, content and media production, sustainable website design, social media strategy and management, sustainable corporate gifts and a suite of digital marketing solutions to integrate your entire marketing stack. As an agency that places a strong emphasis on sustainability, we're proud to have developed Richmond Water, a refillable aluminum bottle sustainable water brand.

By prioritizing sustainability, your business can improve its brand reputation and cultivate a more engaged and loyal customer base. According to a 2021 survey by McKinsey & Company, 70% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. In addition, a 2021 survey by GlobeScan found that 60% of consumers worldwide are more likely to buy from brands that are taking action on environmental and social issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are consumers willing to pay more for sustainable options?
There are several reasons why consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable options: Environmental Concerns: Many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment. They are willing to pay more for sustainable products because they believe it will have a positive impact on the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. Health and
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What are some examples of sustainable corporate gifts?
There are several examples of sustainable corporate gifts that businesses can give to their clients, partners, and employees. Here are some ideas: Refillable water bottles: Refillable water bottles, like Richmond Water, made from sustainable materials like aluminum, glass, stainless steel, or bamboo are a practical and eco-friendly gift option. Recycled notebooks: Notebooks made from recycled paper and cardboard are a
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What are some examples of sustainable website design features?
There are several features that can be incorporated into a website design to make it more sustainable, including: Minimalist design: A minimalist design that uses fewer graphics and visual elements can help reduce the website’s carbon footprint by reducing the size of the website’s files and the number of requests made to the server. Efficient coding: Efficient coding can help
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How much more will customers pay for sustainable brands?
A study by MIT Sloan Management Review found that consumers are willing to pay an average of 14% more for products that have been certified as sustainable by a third-party organization. However, the premium that can be charged will depend on various factors, such as the product category, the region, and the perceived value of the sustainability efforts. It’s worth
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