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What are some examples of sustainable corporate gifts?

There are several examples of sustainable corporate gifts that businesses can give to their clients, partners, and employees. Here are some ideas:

  1. Refillable water bottles: Refillable water bottles, like Richmond Water, made from sustainable materials like aluminum, glass, stainless steel, or bamboo are a practical and eco-friendly gift option.
  2. Recycled notebooks: Notebooks made from recycled paper and cardboard are a sustainable alternative to traditional notebooks and can be customized with a company’s logo or message.
  3. Organic cotton tote bags: Tote bags made from organic cotton are a useful and sustainable gift that can be reused many times, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags.
  4. Sustainable snacks: Food gifts made from organic and sustainably sourced ingredients are a great way to promote sustainability while providing a tasty treat for recipients.
  5. Seed paper products: Seed paper products, such as bookmarks or greeting cards, are made from recycled paper with seeds embedded in them that can be planted in soil after use.

These are just a few examples of sustainable corporate gifts that businesses can give to show their commitment to sustainability. By choosing sustainable gifts, businesses can demonstrate their values and promote sustainability to their stakeholders.

Richmond-based businesses can give Richmond Water as a gift paired with custom hang-tags to ensure your message lands.

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