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Chief Work Officer: The Essential Role for Modern Business

Courtney Turrin Automation, Future of Work, Operational Efficiency, Workplace Harmony Leave a Comment

Key Takeaways: Automation technology and workforce distribution is driving shifts in how managers lead teams. A chief work officer’s primary role focuses on process and aims to improve the work experience for individuals on a team. Xponent21 introduced the role of Chief Work Officer in August of 2021 with the goal of empowering team members to deliver a truly unmatched …

6 Apps to Help Your Organization Transition to a Remote Work Culture

Will Melton Automation, Business Solutions

The Future of Work Literally Can’t Wait With the urgent need to contain the spread of an unprecedented virus, it has become mission-critical for companies and organizations to communicate their readiness plans to staff and customers while simultaneously rolling out the digital infrastructure needed to support remote worker productivity. Being a digital business, it made sense for Xponent21 to institute …