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Chief Work Officer: The Essential Role for Modern Business

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Key Takeaways: Automation technology and workforce distribution is driving shifts in how managers lead teams. A chief work officer’s primary role focuses on process and aims to improve the work experience for individuals on a team. Xponent21 introduced the role of Chief Work Officer in August of 2021 with the goal of empowering team members to deliver a truly unmatched …

It’s Time We Give The F-Word New Meaning: Saying Goodbye to the Friday Feeling

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Everyone in America knows what Fridays “feel” like. For some it may seem exciting because the weekend is just around the corner; others may feel a little rebellious because we all know that Friday is a day to take the load off. Our favorite bosses go easy at the office and our favorite teachers play movies in the classroom. Fridays …

Why CEOs and COOs are Reshaping the Growth Mindset to Prioritize General Improvement Over Financial Performance

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Growth is a unifying pursuit that most, if not all, companies and organizations embark upon. The fundamental nature of growth is encapsulated by American writer William S. Burroughs who said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” This pursuit sits at the forefront of the minds of decision-makers with the primary benchmarks being increased revenues and profits. With growth at the …

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4 Steps to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace

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Productivity is a combination of efficiency (getting things done quickly) and effectiveness (doing things right). Productivity in the workplace is a critical underpinning of a profitable, sustainable business. However, many businesses struggle to maximize productivity due to a lack of clarity around responsibilities and deadlines, poor communication among team members, and inefficient management. At Xponent21, we have adopted a project …