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Do I need a support plan for my new website?

Some people like to live life on the edge, but we always suggest a support plan for any website. 

Having built hundreds of websites over the years, we receive requests almost daily to remedy sites that have been hijacked, infected or taken offline due to malicious activity. In a majority of cases, unperformed maintenance and a lack of basic security measures were to blame. With a support plan in place, we take care of software updates, monitor security vulnerabilities, and measure uptime so we know right away if a site goes offline. We also have a technical support team that’s just an email away, ready to jump in and help if technical issues arise. While we are eager to help anyone with a support issue, enrolling in a support plan ensures priority support, which is invaluable when your site is down. 

Even if your site isn’t targeted by a bot or person with malicious intent, it can still go offline as a result of software updates, or lack thereof. Your website relies on a variety of different softwares, including a content management system (like WordPress), a theme, and plugins that allow for specific functionality. Each of these softwares is maintained by the original developers, and they’re continually identifying vulnerabilities and incompatibility issues, and releasing updates to keep things working smoothly. Sometimes running an update for one item can result in incompatibility with another, which can be really stressful in the moment. With a support plan in place, you don’t have to worry about it at all, as our team is responsible for running any updates.

Learn more about why website maintenance is important in this article, or explore our wordpress support plans.

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