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What is web hosting vs domain?

What is my web host and how is it different from my domain host? This is a common question we hear from clients, so let’s break it down.

Domain hosting is the renting of a web page address (also known as a domain) on the internet. Just like a physical address, a domain is where people go to find your business online. Once you have registered your domain name, and as long as you continue to renew this registration whenever it expires, you’re the temporary owner of this domain.

Web hosting is the provision of space on a server for storing files so that they are accessible via the internet. A web host will give you access to its servers so that you can upload your website files and make them publicly available online. Without a web host to store your website files, your domain would just show a blank page. When choosing a web host, you’ll need to consider how much storage space and monthly data transfer allowance you’ll need.

And how do domain and web host differ from WordPress? WordPress is a content management system, or CMS. It’s open source software that allows users to build websites. So, you’ll need all three – a domain host, a web host, and a content management system – for your website.

Need a recommendation for domain and web hosting? We like GoDaddy for domain hosting and WP Engine for web hosting. 

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