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Why Your Website is an Investment Worth Protecting

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Having built hundreds of WordPress websites over the years, we receive requests almost daily to remedy sites that have been highjacked, infected or taken offline due to malicious activity. In a majority of cases, unperformed maintenance and a lack of basic security measures were to blame. If you rely on your website to assist or directly affect your sales performance, …

Visualize 5 Data Points to Fuel Better Marketing Results

Visualize These 5 Data Points to Fuel Better Marketing Results

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Accurate, timely feedback is essential in achieving goals both large and small. For business owners and marketing managers, our goals often come down to conversions. Different types of businesses may define a conversion differently. In digital marketing, a conversion could include a sale made in your online store, a form submission on your website, a phone call, or a live …

maximize productivity at work

4 Steps to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace

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Productivity is a combination of efficiency (getting things done quickly) and effectiveness (doing things right). Productivity in the workplace is a critical underpinning of a profitable, sustainable business. However, many businesses struggle to maximize productivity due to a lack of clarity around responsibilities and deadlines, poor communication among team members, and inefficient management. At Xponent21, we have adopted a project …

How Smart Marketers are Turning Up the Dial on their Marketing ROI

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A Case Study The Background For a business owner, where and when to invest development funds is a crucial decision. When companies come to us for marketing and business solutions, they are often still deciding how to allocate their budget. They may be considering questions like, “Do I need to replace my old website?”, “Would a new website be worth …

How Much Should You Spend on Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign? [Calculator]

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One of the first questions business owners must ask themselves when considering a new digital marketing campaign is how much money they have to allocate towards the campaign. Solidifying the answer to this question is so critical that it will determine whether or not it’s a wise investment to continue with a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign at all. …

5 Ideas for How to Overcome Blogger’s Block

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Most business owners recognize the value of producing new content and regularly sharing it with their customer base. Blogging keeps you top of mind with past and current customers, helps you attract new leads and broaden awareness of your brand, improves your website’s placement in search results, establishes you as an authority in your industry, and helps you develop and …

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Using Data Analytics to Optimize Digital Marketing Performance

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Running a successful digital marketing campaign involves much more than designing ads and deploying them across social channels. To execute an effective campaign, we must first conduct research on who a business’s target audience is, which social channels provide the most effective means of reaching them, and how they prefer to interact with ads. Second, we must develop a research-based …