Small Businesses: Why You Should Be Blogging

blogging for small businesses
February 26, 2018

Running a small business is difficult. You have to sell your product or service, deliver your product or service, make sure your customers are happy, make sure your employees are happy, pay your rent, pay the electric bill, and the list goes on. When you have a moment to finally sit down and catch your breath, the last thing you feel like doing is writing a blog article. But blogging for small businesses is so important!

If you’re a small business owner who isn’t currently blogging, questions are probably swirling through your mind. Why should I use my limited time to write blogs? I’m a dentist! . . .Or. . . Even if I do start blogging, would anyone even take the time to read what I write? There are several reasons why you should invest time in developing your blog. And yes — if you do it well, people will read it.

Why Should Small Businesses Blog?

To Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

By blogging about your business and industry, you are communicating to your target audience that you are a knowledgeable resource of information. They will feel comfortable asking questions because they know you will have the answer.

To Use as a Resource Library

If someone calls your business with a question, you can answer their question verbally, but then also offer to send a follow up email with additional information and a link to the blog article that corresponds with their question. Similarly, if someone fills out a form on your website asking a question, you can respond via email answering their question and link to the corresponding article. Imagine what your customers would think about that level of customer service! It’s sure to impress.

To Have Shareable, Valuable Content for Your Social Media Profiles

If your Facebook page is filled with “Happy Friday!” posts and cat memes, you should consider posting content that brings value to your followers. They’re following you because they have an interest in your business and want to see related content. You don’t have to cut the cat memes, but mix in some blog content that you’ve created too.

Because Google Likes It

Search engines like Google like when they see websites producing new content. Regularly blogging about your business and optimizing for relevant keywords shows Google that you are serious about providing search engine users the answers for which they’re looking. This helps boost your search rankings.

As a small business owner, you juggle endless demands to keep your business running, so blogging usually doesn’t make it even onto page 5 of your lengthy to-do list. But blogging for your small business establishes you as an industry expert, creates a resource library to pull from, bolsters your social media profiles’ content, and boosts your website’s placement in search engine results. The benefits are too great to pass up, so check out How to Start Blogging for Small Businesses.

Olivia Deputy is the Director of Content Marketing at Xponent21. Our company engineers digital experiences that delight, drive revenue, and increase operational efficiency. If you’ve found this article helpful but still need more guidance to get your blog up and running, reach out to us.

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