How to Create Compelling Mission and Vision Statements: Through the Lens of Brand Strategy

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May 2, 2022

Brand strategy is a critical component of a business. An effective brand strategy aligns all elements of a business with its target audience and helps sustain a strong brand presence in the marketplace. It helps distinguish what sets a company apart from its competitors and conveys the personality you want consumers to associate with the business. 

One of the first steps in creating a brand’s strategy is crafting the organization’s mission and vision statement. The mission and vision statement provide direction for an organization and offer guidance when making decisions. 

Let’s explore mission and vision statements further, and outline tips to consider when creating these statements for your business. 

Mission Statement

Mission statements describe the purpose of an organization and serve as the roadmap supporting the company’s vision statement. Mission statements are clear in identifying the goals of an organization and help establish a brand personality

When creating a mission statement there are three components to consider: 

  1. what your organization does, 
  2. who your organization serves, and 
  3. how you serve them. 

At Xponent21, our mission statement is, “Xponent21 is committed to making the world a better place to work through elevated marketing performance, streamlined workflows, delightful customer experiences, and authentic community relationships.”

Xponent21 works with businesses and nonprofits to enhance their digital presence and generate growth opportunities for their companies. We serve a variety of organizations representing different industries across the United States. To make the world a better place to work encompasses providing the best service and care to our clients and internal staff. We make partnerships easy and exciting for our clients with dynamic and customized solutions to best fit their specific needs. For our team, we’ve implemented procedures to enhance daily operations, promote positive team culture, and create a healthy work-life balance

When Creating a Powerful Mission Statement 

  1. Think about the “WHY” that drives your organization. 
  2. Understand your target market and speak to those individuals. 
  3. Define what your business achieves. 
  4. Make it personal. 
  5. Be specific. 

Vision Statement 

A vision statement is the “big picture” outcome of what a company hopes to accomplish by its presence in the marketplace. Vision statements describe the long-term goals and aspirations of an organization. They are meant to inspire and motivate stakeholders for the future. 

Xponent21’s vision statement is, “To be an organization that inspires others to be trailblazers and innovators. To be a company that other businesses, community leaders, and talented people aspire to partner with and to create a collaborative, supportive, flexible, and safe environment for every team member.”

Tips for Crafting a Compelling Vision Statement 

  1. Think about what you want your brand to accomplish within the next 10 years. 
  2. Consider the impact you want your brand to have on members of your community. 
  3. Align the statement with your organization’s values. 
  4. Use the present tense when writing your vision statement
  5. Dream big. 

A strong brand strategy can increase brand awareness, foster consumer-brand loyalty, help you stand out from competitors, and escalate overall business growth. For teams, an effective brand strategy boosts morale, aligns business initiatives, empowers individuals to make decisions independently, and increases productivity. Creating a memorable brand takes time and careful consideration, but it is worth it!

Miranda Nash

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