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Who writes the content for my new website?

When you partner with us to build your new website, you’ll have the option to have the Xponent21 team write content or to produce the content yourself. 

Content strategy is one of the most important foundational steps in creating a performance designed website. We’ve developed a tool called Pathway BuilderTM to guide the critical phase of content strategy development. Pathway Builder is based on the understanding that by presenting the right messaging at the right time, we can be consistently more effective at encouraging your audience to take the desired next action. 

With Pathway BuilderTM the Xponent21 team begins by interviewing stakeholders, identifying constituent audiences and endpoints, and developing a content strategy that optimizes conversion opportunities. We then develop a sitemap and menu navigation structure, author homepage copy, and provide headlines for key interior pages. All of the content Xponent21 provides is conversion- and search-optimized. We also provide a list of recommended content needed to optimize interior pages. 

So whether you choose to go the “do-it-yourself” or “you-do-it” content development route, you’ll have research-backed, expert guidance to prepare content that captivates your audience and inspires action.

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