Lead Quality Scoring Opt In

As part of our marketing services, we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in lead quality scoring.

Our marketing efforts drive leads to your business in the form of phone calls and form submissions through your website. Without your feedback, our team has no way of knowing what happens to these leads after they come in, making it challenging to accurately assess whether the lead was good and whether it closed.

Lead quality scoring gives us feedback that helps us optimize your campaign to improve the quality of the leads we generate. We create an automated spreadsheet that details all leads that come in from your marketing campaign. We will send you weekly email reminders to score your leads. At least once a month, your team will review any new leads in the spreadsheet and record Lead Quality and Lead Status using a drop-down menu. Our team reviews this information to optimize your campaign going forward.

Because the automation comes with a cost, we ask that you please opt into this service only if you can commit to participating in this effort. There is no additional charge for this service if you score your leads at least once a month. However, there will be a charge of $20 per month for any month during which you do not score quality over a 30-day period.