2-1 GROW: Web Retargeting & Old Fashion Retargeting

November 29, 2015

This is the first post in our series called 2-1 GROW where we’ll present two tips and one action item to propel your company’s growth. In our last blog post, we discussed the 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Retargeting Customers; In this edition, we’ll discuss two new ways you can retarget your website visitors to maximize conversions.

Know This: You Can Retarget Your Email List

If you’re using Adroll to retarget customers, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now retarget your MailChimp subscribers. As noted in Adroll’s recent blog post, all you have to do enter your MailChimp login details in your Adroll account and you’ll be able to retarget subscribers, people whose email addresses you’ve collected at events or for customers who’ve given you their email address at the point of sale. You’ll be able to maintain your MailChimp segments in Adroll so that you can create retargeting ads that are well-paired with your audiences.

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Know This: You Can Now Retarget Web Visitors by Snail Mail

Wait a second, what? Yep, that’s right, thanks to a new service provided by GeoTrack, you can now collect physical address for the people who have visited your site. Using location services, a small script on your site will collect IP and address information from your visitors to will accumulate in the GeoTrack dashboard for your direct mail marketing efforts. The service costs is $1 per address collected and they offer a referral program that will pay you $.50 for every address provided to customers you refer.

Inbound Marketing Agency New Haven CT

While we don’t spend a great deal of time on traditional marketing and advertising consulting, any type of retargeting, even traditional retargeting will help to increase your conversion rate. We already know that combining web retargeting with Facebook retargeting will increase your conversion rate by 73%; it’s safe to say that adding another channel will further drive conversion rates up.

Do This: Create a Retargeting Plan

The first step in any successful strategy is to have a plan. First, think about how much money you are willing to devote to retargeting and create a budget. Next consider the different ways you want to retarget your website visitors. Create one or more campaigns that incentivize a return visit and get agreement across your marketing and sales teams that your plan will produce results. Once you’ve done this, you’re well on your way to executing a successful retargeting campaign.

Need an Inbound Marketing Agency to Help You Succeed?

Xponent21 is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in delivering xponential growth through 21st Century marketing solutions. If you would like guidance on how to implement a retargeting campaign or on how to improve your online presence in some other area, reach out to us. One of our digital marketing consultants will provide you with a free consultation. If nothing else, you’ll leave the meeting with more knowledge and a few action items that put your company on a path to success.

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