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There’s Power in the Process: Choosing the Right Web Designer for Your Desired Functionality & Budget

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As digital strategists, Xponent21 is introduced to many business owners who recognize their need for a new website. However, many of these business owners are overwhelmed by the number of prospective web development partners and face decision paralysis. For those less familiar with the industry, these web development companies all seem to offer the same services. However, their prices vary …

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How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

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On average, companies redesign their website every 3 years. For some companies, budget and time play a big role in this, but how do you know it’s time to revamp? We encourage you to gather a few team members and take a look over your website… on your phone and computer. Here are a few things to look for when …

How to Design a Landing Page that Converts

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When running a digital advertising campaign, there are several critical stages to achieving a conversion.  First, your ad must be shown to a member of your target audience at the right time. Once you have determined who your buyer personas are, you can target users who match certain features of your ideal audience using different types of targeting: geographic, demographic, …

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6 Simple UX Designs for Inspiration

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UX or User Experience takes web design a step further. In addition to asking, “how aesthetically pleasing can I make this site look?”, UX designers focus on a user’s interactive experience on a webpage. A customer’s online experience can be impacted by countless factors like page loading time, readability, interactivity, usability, and so much more. But each of these factors …

How Smart Marketers are Turning Up the Dial on their Marketing ROI

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A Case Study The Background For a business owner, where and when to invest development funds is a crucial decision. When companies come to us for marketing and business solutions, they are often still deciding how to allocate their budget. They may be considering questions like, “Do I need to replace my old website?”, “Would a new website be worth …